Job ad hints at new crypto project

Amazon: Job ad hints at new crypto project

Tesla’s move into Bitcoin has made waves. For many, it is only a matter of time before other major US corporations follow suit. Will Amazon be next?

The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has many losers. Among the winners, however, is definitely online retail, above all the big top dog Amazon. Most recently, the news that founder Jeff Bezos was leaving the Bitcoin Rejoin company caused a stir. Now came another hammer, fuelling the speculation. Amazon recently posted a job ad seeking a Software Development

The first place the project will launch is in Mexico

The ad specifies that the task is to develop a new payments product on behalf of Amazon customers in emerging markets and for digital companies worldwide. The first place the project will launch is in Mexico, according to the advertisement.

This product will allow customers to convert their cash into digital currency that they can use to access online services, including purchasing goods and/or services such as Prime Video,

according to a description of the venture. Apparently, the corporation is trying to make its lucrative Prime offering even more attractive to its clientele. The job advertisement comes at a time when several analysts assume that Tesla will not remain the only large US corporation to invest in Bitcoin on a grand scale. Besides Amazon, Google and even Apple have long been in the conversation.